MTP/MPO 4-Slot Cassette Open Panel

OPTiFabs New Rack Mount 19\", 1U Fibre Optic Open Port Panel is an efficient space saving Panel,offering 4 open ports,which can be loaded with MTP/MPO Cassettes, Fibre Modules, or for Copper Applications, an RJ CAT6/CAT5e 4-port module.

The Panel offers a series of integrated cable retention lugs on the black plane, which helps secure date cables. The unit is robustly constructed form 16-gauge cold rolled steel, with powder coat finish.

  • High density Panel, supporting 4 x Cassettes, with a combined fibre capacity of 96-fibres.
  • Each Cassette has a capacity of 24-fibres.
  • All Cassettes are pre-terminated.
  • Cassettes can be configured with 2 x 12-fibre MTP/MPO, or a single 24-fibre MTP/MPO Circuit.
  • Simple assembly and installation, Cassettes are mounted to the Panel separately.
  • Remaining open ports can be blanked off.
  • Dimensions=440 x 190 x 43mm.

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