Breakout-style fibre-optic cable (also called breakout cable or fanout cable), is an optical fibre cable containing several jacketed simplex optical fibres packaged together inside an outer jacket. This differs from distribution-style cable, in which tight-buffered fibres are bundled together, with only the outer cable jacket of the cable protecting them. The design of breakout-style cable adds strength for ruggedized drops. Breakout cable is suitable for short riser and plenum applications and also for use in conduits, where a very simple cable run is planned to avoid the use of any splicebox or spliced fibre pigtails. Because each fibre is individually reinforced, the cable can be easily divided into individual fibre lines. Each simplex cable within the outer jacket may be broken out and then continue as a patch cable, for example in a fibre to the desk application in an office building. This enables connector termination without requiring special junctions, and can reduce or eliminate the need for fibre-optic patch panels or an optical distribution frame. Breakout cable requires terminations to be done with simple connectors, which may be preferred for some situations. A more common solution today is the use of a fanout kit that adds a jacket to the very fine strands of other cable types. Pre-connectorised multi-fibre cable is becoming more popular for fibre installation project. It is definitely an efficient and economical solution rather than on site termination or splicing. Just simply lay the cable and do patching.