Pre-Terminated Fibre

OPTiFab\'s pre-terminated fibre solutions allow our customers to order complete assemblies ready for direct installation, cutting on-site time and labour costs. Factory manufactured, quality controlled fibre optic assembly is specified for short internal optical links. The 900 um tight buffer presentation lends itself to installation within an Optical Distribution Frame (ODF), patch panel or wall box. Supplied on a hand reeled drum, with protective packaging to ensure that the fibre and all the components arrive in perfect condition. Crush resistant protective tubing assures secure transportation and installation. Internal/external LSZH jackets meet all fire-safety standards. The pulling eye element allows fast, safe and effective pulling (lengths>50m).
The overall assembly and packaging are light and compact thus reducing
transportation cost, storage space and installation wastage.

  1. Available in OM1, OM2, OM3 and OM4 fibre types.
  2. Available with SC, LC, FC or ST connector types.
  3. 4 - 24 core tight buffer cable with standard connectivity.
  4. Internal and External Use
  5. Option for 3mm/2mm breakout for ruggedised use
  6. Staggered tails or fan-out
  7. Labelled for identification
  8. Choice of cable colour
  9. Singlemode and multimode fibre options
  10. Clear protective sock
  11. Available in custom lengths
  12. Supplied with test certificate
  13. Available in fibre counts 2, 4 6 8 12, 16, 24 & 48 core
  14. FC; LC; MTRJ; MU; SC; ST; E2000 SC/APC LC/APC Connectors
  15. Fast installation plug and play system.
  16. No splicing or connector termination required.

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