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The Company

Optifab International is a leading UK fibre optic manufacturer and supplier based in Milton Keynes. We specialize in the manufacture of Fibre Optic Communication and Networking Products for bespoke and general Optical applications.

Our products range from basic passive infrastructure to active categories, including POF (plastic optical fibre) – FTTH (fibre to the home), which is the new forefront in home entertainment.

Optifab’s current broad product range is built on fundamental technologies and specialist engineering personnel, whose experience spans over forty years. The company’s ethos is to present clients with cost effective solutions, providing a high degree of reliability and offer outstanding performance characteristics.

We offer a comprehensive selection of fibre optic and fibre related products to clients in different industries and regions. Optifab also offers bespoke manufacturing services and we work together with our clients in providing specific solutions -meeting international standards.

We constantly screen the raw materials of our products to ensure the compliance with RoHS standards to serve our environment.

Bespoke Products

We can tailor our products to meet any bespoke specifications you require in our in-house termination room. Just ask us!


OPTiFab have customers all over the world. From neighbouring Europe to the Middle East. We only plan to keep expanding!


Our international sales team can speak French, German, Spanish, Chinese and some in between. We can speak your language!


At OPTiFab, we are always ahead of the curve with the latest optical technologies that we have to offer our customers

Quality Assurance

The control monitoring and administration of quality in respect of materials, plant etc is achieved by use of our QA administration system that has been designed to suit the current requirements of the IT and telecommunications industries.

Each item of material and plant that is purchased is assured of quality by ensuring that the item in question is procured from a responsible and reliable supplier accredited by the particular procedures laid down in the ISO 9001.