The Company

OPTiFab International is a leading, UK based, fibre optic and copper products manufacturer, and supplier, based in Milton Keynes. We specialise in the manufacture of fibre optic, and copper, communication and networking products for bespoke and general applications. We offer an extensive range of products from basic passive infrastructure to active categories, including FTTx and MTP solutions. OPTiFab’s current broad product range is both designed and built on fundamental technologies utilising specialist engineering personnel, whose experience spans over fifty years. The company’s ethos is to present clients with cost effective solutions that provide a high degree of reliability and offer outstanding performance characteristics. We currently offer our comprehensive selection of fibre optic and copper products to clients in over 30 countries, in a vast range of industries. OPTiFab also offers bespoke manufacturing services and we work together with our clients in providing specific solutions that meet current International standards.