144 Fibre Cable Breakout Unit (Includes Optical Fibre Slotted Multi-bracket)

Ideal for managing and distributing fibre backbone cables, accommodating up to 12 tubes (each tube containing 12 fibres). Particularly suitable for ODFs/racks & cabinets / enclosures, where trunk or backhaul network cable requires distributing into separator ports or locations. Miniflex 5mm cable protection tubes* are used at distribution points, where multi-fibre cables need to have the vulnerable Individual fibres or cable elements separated & protected by a management system. *Miniflex 5mm protection tubes sold separately. The unit is supplied with a cover (gland box) for further protection and for mechanically anchoring the gland. Used in splice joint housings, racks and other fibre network infrastructures for cable breakout & retention and subsequent protected circuit routing in Miniflex protection tubes or used in conjunction with the gland box for a standalone solution.