Portable Microwave Spectrum Analyser OPTiSmart Series

OSSA7000 Portable Microwave Spectrum Analyzer is the new generation portable microwave spectrum analyzer developed by OPTiSmart, using broadband microwave component integration design technology, microwave multilayer PCB design technology, efficient voltage transformation system design technology and multi-band sweep & individual thread processing technology. Compared with previous generation products, frequency range is increased by 5 times, display average noise level decreases by 20dB, single sideband phase noise decreases by 20dB and measuring speed increases by 4 times. Broad frequency bands, high performance index, small size, light weight, flexible power supply and easy handling makes the unit idea for use in the field. Available in frequency ranges 1MHz ~ 18GHz, OSSA7000 offers measurement from short-wave through to wave band Ku. OSSA7000 uses menu style operation interfaces and graphical measurement displays. It has internal large-capacity FLASH memory and supports USB external memory, meaning results can be stored for subsequent analysis and processing.