OPTiFab Tool Fibre Strippers Crimp Rachet

Tri-Hole Sure-Grip & Lite Strippers

Tri-Hole Sure-Grip Fibre Strippers (left) This fibre stripper features 3 guides which are used to remove 2/3mm outer jackets, 900μm buffer insulation and 250μm acrylic coating. This leaves 125μm bare fibre exposed for termination Tri-Hole Lite Fibre Strippers (right)
3 factory set stripping guides similar to the standard tri-hole stripper (above), but in a lighter, more portable size. Has a hook latch for safety

Ratchet Crimp Tool

The OPTiFab Rachet Crimp Tool is a professional, heavy duty racheting crimp tool with adjustable tension for the purpose of securing the crimp ring in a connector. Featuring replacable die sets to meet requirements of different crimping sizes.

Tri-Hole Sure-Grip & Lite Strippers

  • Three factory set stripping guides: 2/3mm, 900μm, 250μm
  • Comfortable handles
  • Portable and lightweight designs
  • Diamond shaped blades for optimum strippings
  • Lock for safety
Ratchet Crimp Tool
  • Replacable die sets
  • Die sets available in different sizes
  • Carbon Steel
  • Heat-Treated & TPR Handles

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