IP65 Extra-Large Lockable Wall Box

The 48 core IP65 fibre optic distribution box is used for the distribution and termination of fibre optic cable devices. The IP rated box can be utilised for FTTH applications and other installation requirements to break-out and splice input cables into drop cables, pigtails, or direct patching. The box may also be used for protective interconnection of a fibre network and is suitable for outdoor, riser and tunnel installations, up to 48-cores.

Dimensions (including lid)
Length: 320mm x Width: 350mm x Height: 120mm

  • The box is made from anti-ageing materials, with ultra violet protective characteristics
  • The sealing mechanism is based on pressed rubber/silicon strip and is rated to IP65
  • The box is fitted with a lock for additional security and can be installed on walls or mounted on a pole
  • Operating temperature: -20°C ~ +70°C; storage: -40°C ~ +80°C
  • Spare loops of pigtails and drop cables can be stowed in the storage compartment for convenience or for maintenance
  • Special locking device for output cables
  • Bi-Layer structure, for splicing and upper layer for splitting and distribution
  • There are up 48 port positions for adapters (FC, LC duplex, SC simplex or ST)

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