Tamperproof Operator Box 8F

This OPTiFab 8 fiber tamperproof operator box is for indoor use only, mainly for vertical cable distribution from patchcords. Easy wall mounting or floor mounting on cabinet floors using screws. It is placed on the wall or bottom of the floor cabinet niche by screws.

  • Designed for splicing, patching, distribution & storage, all in one box
  • 2 x inputs for multi-fiber or uncut cable; 8 x FTTH outputs
  • Minimum fiber bending radius of 20mm
  • The box lid features round edges with screw closures; opening the lid will not impact other parts of the box
  • Features separate removable covers for adapter & cable entry/exit ports
  • Environmentally safe with non-toxic materials
  • Made of flame-retardant plastic and anti-corrosive stainless steel (AISI-303)

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